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New Tumblr!

Ignore the fact that I have nothing up yet. I’ll get to work on it this evening!



Anonymous said: if i where a prince i would make you my princess and give you everything you wished to make you happy in hopes to see your breathtaking smile~<3


New Tumblr?

I’m thinking of making a new Tumblr. Mainly because I can’t, for the life of me, remember what email I used for this tumblr.

I’ll post if I make a new one. >H



Anonymous said: i would spend a hole day just to think of things that would make you smile. <3



Anonymous said: whenever i think of you i fell warm and a smile always comes to me face <3

I think I know who this anon is

asdfghj but srs stahp ;////; who is this
All these kind anons, please please tell me who you are! ;//-//; I wanna love you all

I hope that no one ever has to live through this emotional pain. I would never wish this kind of hurt upon anyone…

Anonymous said: When i talk to you, its like the sun came back in my life. <3

anon stahp plz Ergerd ;/////;! who is this wow woah

Anonymous said: you are the most beautiful girl that i have ever seen in all my life. <3

oh my god anon hush no you’re too sweet ahh ;////;




congrats. you’re completely ignoring these characters’ personalities and narrowing them down to their sexualities and gender identities based on how they act/look. that’s how people work. you’re so progressive.

ocean-the-stupid-catfish said: Happy Birthday love!QwQ i love you so much ♥ i hope today is full of gifts and laughs for you~ i love you happy birthday

Thank you so much ;v;